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I consider knowledge I’ve gained as a gift that should be shared. After all, many shared their gifts of knowledge with me along the way. 

Websites designed to inspire & just work simply! 

Because everyone can have an impactful website designed that is simple to use and maintain.

No one (other than yourself) ever gets to see a person’s website until it is thoroughly designed, tested, and absolutely beautiful.

So I thought I'd do something different and actually allow site visitors to view this website "during" the design or redesign process. After all, if I would like you to see how I work ... what better way is there than to 'watch' me do my work.

I’ve always been a ‘teacher’ … and love to help others. I consider knowledge I’ve gained is a gift that should be shared. After all, many shared their gifts of knowledge with me along the way. 

Check out my most recent project: Rum Cake Factory website design located here:

Why am I doing this (beside the reason I mentioned above)?

Because ... I know that people are curious ... (I alway am)!

How did they get their website to look that way? How did they format x, y, or z? How did they decide which banner or thumbnail size best worked to convey and represent their brand or their services on their website? (By the way, there are tools and things you can use to find the answer to some of those questions.)

After all, things don’t just happen by 'magic fairies'! You know, those same ones who do the laundry every week.

The truth is ... it takes planning, time, prototypes, demos, image placements, and so on, to get it just right. Connecting with the right designer and Squarespace make it very (very) easy and actually fun! 

Why Squarespace? 

I love Squarespace. They don't pay me nor endorse me to say this ... I just do! I've been with them since Squarespace 5, which launched in 2008 and I started using their platform a year or so later. They've come a long way since "#5" ... and so have I. 

Aside from beauty - aesthetics ... Squarespace is easy to use, adaptable for people with all different levels of ability. If you get stuck, their customer care is unparalleled! Whether via text, twitter, or email -- they are ALWAYS about finding the best solution for you.

In terms of the platform itself, it is rarely down! Occasionally if minor issues do occur, just check on their status page: or tweet them @squarespace  ... they always respond quickly. 

I'm using the Greenwich Template (A template in the Brine Template Family), with additional customized CSS and other custom coding.

About the Brine Template Family:

Greenwich Template Demo:

Have a question? Please ask via my Contact Page


Take a look at my some of my work. I'm still updating some of these pages (projects portfolio, design work, and more). I’m almost completed with them.  

Have a project in mind? Just contact me here so we can have a conversation about what is on your mind. 


Things I'm Playing Around With

Here I share some of my comments and a few of my 'experiments' (some work out well and others just don't). Either way - I hope they can be instructive. 


[Above] … a summary block - using the carousel layout; Content: Projects Portfolio. 

I'd like to change how the summary block excerpt and "Read More" text appear so I will be changing the fonts for both (and color) in the near future. 

[Below] … an image block - Card design. Notice it is VERY large! If you scroll down … you can see where I’ve added other image blocks/styles. They don’t look as huge as this one, right? -- The magic of the "Spacer" block.




Whenever I work on a website (whether mine or a clients), I always create a 'page' in the "Not Linked" section called "Notes" (which I password protect). I use it to document things I’m working on, work I’ve done on various pages, what has worked, what didn’t work, etc. It's not only my sandbox of sorts but it is where I keep all my documentation. It is very useful.


With all these items on one page, I can easily go into the style/design editor and make any style changes without having to remember where (which pages) I've placed a "Medium" Button block or on which pages I've used a Poster image block. I can make any necessary style changes here and all the button blocks and image blocks throughout the entire website site will be updated. I do check though to make sure the changes I've made look appropriate on each page.  

If I'm working on a client's website as I'm finishing up I add all the style design elements on that page and any other relevant information. I then remove the password and show my client how I added the page and password protected it. They can either continue using that same page to add their own notes or they can delete the entire page if they wish. They can also download a PDF version of the information I've provided on that page.

This is an example of content I’d add to my “Notes” page. Along with the image blocks, I’d add any documentation/notes regarding the image blocks/styles.

Image - Collage Style


... inspirational websites designed to just work simply.

Image: Card Style


... inspirational websites designed to just work simply.

I also design databases. No, they're not boring.

Image: Poster Style

— Here’s a Notes example: for this image block, I don’t like the way the text “inspirational websites …. “ appears. I would go to DESIGN —> SITE STYLES to adjust it until I (or my client) liked the final result.


... inspirational websites designed to work simply.

Image: Overlap Style


Fire ....

Subtext ...