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Have you ever noticed - you never see anybody's website until it is thoroughly designed, tested, and absolutely beautiful? Unless of course it is your website, you get to view it but nobody else does. 

So I thought I'd do something radically different and allow (and actually invite) visitors to view this website "during" the redesign process. I've had the Cover Page on long enough. After all, if I would like you to see how I work ... what better way is there than to 'watch' me do my work. 

Also, check out my most recent project: Rum Cake Factory website design located here:

Why am I doing this (beside the reason I mentioned above)?

Because ... I know that people are curious ... (I alway am)!

Which template are they using? How did they format x, y, or z? How did they decide which banner or thumbnail size best worked to convey and represent their brand or their services on their website? (By the way, there are tools and things you can use to find the answer to some of those questions.)

After all, it just doesn't happen by 'the magic fairies', you know, the ones who do the laundry every week too. The truth is ... it takes planning, time, prototypes, demos, image placements, etc., etc. to get it just right. Connecting with the right designer and Squarespace make it very (very) easy and actually fun! 

Oh look, it's some Lorem ipsum text. That's ok, I'll leave it there for now.  

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I'm using the Jones Template (A template in the York Template Family), with additional customized CSS and Individual Page Coding that I've added.

About the York Template Family: 

York Template Demo:

Jones Template Demo:

Have a question? Please ask via my Contact Page. I will be adding a Blog page so that visitors will be able to add a comment or ask a question via "Comments". 

Also in Progress: The completion of update/redesign of my portfolio pages. They'll be coming soon. 

This is one of my color palettes. I will also share the others (related colors) I'm working with.

If you don't have Trello ... here is an image of the palette. If you didn't notice, this is the same image I'm using for this page's banner. 


Atlantic Ocean (Deep)


Sorry it isn't more detailed (i.e. #s) ... it will be in the future!