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~ Customized Services ~

Specifically designed to suit your specific needs! 

Solutions ~ Simplicity

Website Design: Why I Use Squarespace

I love Squarespace. They don't pay me nor endorse me to say this ... I just do! I've been with them since Squarespace 5, which launched in 2008 and I started using their platform a year or so later. They've come a long way since "#5" ... and so have I. 

Aside from beauty - aesthetics ... Squarespace is easy to use, adaptable for people with all different levels of ability. If you get stuck, their customer care is unparalleled! Whether via text, twitter, or email -- they are ALWAYS about finding the best solution for you.

In terms of the platform itself, it is rarely down! Occasionally if minor issues do occur, just check on their status page: or tweet them @squarespace  ... they always respond quickly. 

Check out my most recent project: Rum Cake Factory website design located here:

I'm using the Greenwich Template (A template in the Brine Template Family), with additional customized CSS and other custom coding.

About the Brine Template Family:

Greenwich Template Demo:

[2] Assistance Page /assistance

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Squarespace Design - Helpful Forms + dB Apps

Specifically for Designers & DIYers

  • For each Template, Blocks & Pages

  • dB Apps - Workflows, Productivity

  • Custom-designed dB Apps

[3] Writing-Proofing /writing-proofing

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  • Medical

  • Patient Health/Literacy

  • Military & Veterans Health (Clinical/Patient)

  • Grants (Proofing Only)

[4] Solutions /solutions-page

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