Carrollton School

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Work Site: Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Coconut Grove, FL

Private International Baccalaureate (IB), advanced placement Catholic School, one of twenty-two Sacred Heart schools in the country.  

Constituents served: Approximately 800 Students (Montessori Pre-K - 12), 100 Faculty members (47% with advanced degrees, Masters, PhDs), staff, and school administrators.


  • High School Library Move: an entire library (contents, furniture) needed to be moved from one building into a brand new facility in less than two weeks.

  • After the library move: all brand new technology assets had to be set-up and tested.

  • The dedication ceremony and activities (to be held in the new library - part of the new science building) could not be postponed. All parents and donors had already received their invitations and had RSVP'd.

SOLUTION (Summary)

Within the first two weeks on-site, the move of the high school library occurred and all technology assets were in place in time for the dedication ceremony.


  • Made immediate arrangements for a moving company who had specific experience with library relocations.

  • Met with the head of the janitorial staff regarding type of assistance needed pre/post move.

  • Within the first couple days onsite, met with all stakeholders including the head of the high school to provide them with information and to answer questions regarding library use during the two-week process. Also provided stakeholders and school administrators with almost daily communication (via email) regarding our progress.

  • Met with the technology department to discuss status of technology assets already in place and what else needed to be done prior to the dedication ceremony. Incorporated their suggestions into the overall plan.

  • Devised and applied a 'marking' system/table that facilitated a more rapid move of library materials and assets. Also the two library assistants were trained on how the system would work.

  • Prior to the move, weeded the library collection of outdated texts and magazines. The collection hadn't been weeded in many years - this reduced the number of items needing to be cleaned by the janitorial staff prior to the move and after the move.


After the move and the dedication ceremonies:

  • In collaboration with the technology department, coordinated the design and development of the library’s SharePoint intranet portal.

  • Re-designed the library web page providing remote access capabilities and access to information literacy training tutorials made available via the SharePoint portal.

  • Upgraded library administrative software (Follett), which improved OPAC, circulation, and acquisitions functions, and enabled remote access for students, parents, and faculty.

  • Developed and maintained a database resource/documents library for the Debate Team.