Life Extension

Life Extension Corporation (and Foundation)  

Work site: LifeExtension, Plantation (Broward County), Florida.

For over than 34 years, Life Extension® has been at the forefront of medical research for the latest anti-aging research and integrative health therapies while offering superior-quality dietary supplements to consumers.

Constituents & Clients served:  Health Advisors, Scientific Affairs, Quality Control, Publications, Clinical Research Departments, Product Development, Marketing, and Senior Management (department heads, key administrators). 

  • Knowledge Management

  • Project Management

  • Research

  • SharePoint Portal (Design, implementation)

  • Taxonomies & Metadata


Nutraceuticals company with an incoherent asset acquisition and sharing process resulting in:

  • asset purchase multiplicities

  • inability to share acquired assets across the corporation

  • lack of central control for the purchasing and financial record-keeping of assets resulting in hundreds of dollars in cost

  • inability to accurately report costs related to asset acquisition

  • inability to engage in asset collaboration across the corporation

  • inability to retain and maintain corporate knowledge assets

SOLUTION (Summary)

Planned and implemented the Scientific Affairs Department Portal/Intranet (SharePoint) site within the first thirty days of the project start date.


  • Met with department heads (formally), key administrators (CEO, CFO, CTO) and various department employees (informally) to continually assess their knowledge and information needs and services.

  • Systematically conducted informal and ‘formal’ needs assessment surveys on an on-going basis to measure the effectiveness of the portal (SharePoint) site and knowledge/information management solutions already implemented.

  • Communicated with internal stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project/projects.

  • Planned the overall process and established specifications for content selection for the SharePoint site.

  • Contributed a significant amount of content for the new intranet/intranet (list is available upon request).

  • Created a comprehensive collection of ‘open source’ or ‘open access’ materials, aggregators, and databases maintained on the SharePoint Portal/intranet site, which significantly lowered monthly costs for article reprints.

  • Updated the electronic/digital resources purchasing strategy to a more cost-effective model through a comprehensive cost analysis of scientific databases and resources.

  • Produced and published all training materials and educational presentations in digital and print formats, stored and maintained them on SharePoint.

  • Lead training on the procedures for implementation, access and use of digital resources on the SharePoint Site corporate personnel in two different facilities, over six departments (Health Advisors, Scientific Affairs, Quality Control, Publications, Clinical Research Departments, and upper management).

  • Provided individual assistance via chat or e-mail.

  • Prepared metadata, taxonomies for the Portal/Intranet using specific ingredients, substances, and disease states.


  • These strategies eliminated redundancy, wasteful spending and enabled the company to effectively reduce and control costs by > 70%.

  • After training, (formal/informal) there was a significant increase (>60%) in interdepartmental resource sharing (and less ‘hoarding’ particularly of scientific journals articles.

  • Approximately 25% of resources (e.g. articles, protocols, papers) already existed in the SharePoint documents library, saving the employees time and the corporation money (elimination of redundant purchasing of resources and ‘hoarding’).