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Publications, Graphics, Sketches

Graphics - Sketches, Sets, Tables, Charts, Diagrams

Materials designed and produced for the purpose of communicating complex health issues to patient and caregivers. Additionally, materials for Knowledge Management, Technology Instruction, and Information Management.


Mental health professionals, social workers, and psychologists, civilian and military; majority involved with direct patient care and others in science and research. Also: Information Professionals, Medical Writers, Medical Librarians, Grant Writers.

 Health Information Literacy Training Material Graphics

Design and prepare high quality health information literacy training graphics in diverse formats using a variety of computer software applications (samples are available)

Materials are formatted and presented on a variety of technological platforms (e.g., digital, print, graphics, e-pubs).

Clinical Medicine and Consumer Health Graphics

Create charts, graphs, presentation slides, diagrams, and infographics on technical or scientific subject matter for publication, presentation, and the web. 

Health Information Literacy Graphics

Develop health information literacy training tools, kits, fact sheets, and materials for healthcare professionals and patients/consumers.

 Peer-Review and Trade Publications (Graphics)


  • 'Proof to concept' projects (federal grant application white paper).

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (Published in a pharmaceutical trade journal.)

Educational Resources-Developed and Published

  • Milhealth's Brain Guide

  • Amazing Brain

  • PTSD - A Physiological Disorder

  • Postconcussion Syndrome (PCS)

  • What You Need to Know About Concussions and Blast Injuries

  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

  • The Confounding Mystery of Suicide

  • Post-Traumatic Stress and Psychobiology

  • Depression - What Do You Say?

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Without the "D"

Infographics and Graphical Abstracts

  • Blast Injuries: the essentials

  • Psychological Costs of War, Graphical Abstract

  • Blast Injury Taxonomy, Primary, Graphic

  • Blast Injuries-First Generation (Studies), Graphic

  • Coping Mechanisms, Graphical Abstract

Websites, Logos, Letterhead, Materials, Campaigns (Special Projects)

<Graphics and examples - coming soon!>

  • HealthyInfo 2.0 (Typepad)

  • Camp HALT (Wordpress, Squarespace)

  • Your Independence Concierge (Wordpress, Squarespace)

  • Hire A Veteran Today (Wordpress)

  • The Ranteria (Tumblr, Microblog)

  • Patums Jazz Nightclub (Wordpress)

  • Military Health Matters (.com) (Wordpress, Squarespace)

  • Milhealth's Directory (Variation of MHM) (Typepad, Wordpress, Squarespace)

  • Milhealth's Guide A-Z (Variation of MHM) (Wordpress)

  • Advancement Virtual (Squarespace)

All Platforms Used:

  • PBWiki (Wiki)

  • Moodle (LMS)

  • Typepad (Hosted)

  • SharePoint

  • Concrete (CMS/Website, Self-hosted)

  • Squarespace

  • WordPress

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