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Inspired Simply Designs


dBase - Apps Development/Design

These are some of the dB apps I have developed, are in the pipeline for development, or soon to be in development.

  • Website Design - Client Management App

  • Food & Beverage Business Management App

  • Squarespace DIY Design App

  • Squarespace Template Switcher App

  • Squarespace Client Management App

  • Squarespace Design App

**as of 11 July, I'm working to incorporate Squarespace version 7.1 features in the existing design apps where possible or will be developing an app exclusively for version 7.1!

  • Graphic Design Projects app.

  • Custom-designed (small) apps.

Website Design

  • Content and graphics (the very website you are visiting now!)

  • Branding, Logos

Karen Estrada