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Military Health Matters


  • Website Design & Maintenance

  • Style Guide

  • Graphic Design & Illustration - Digital and Print publications; clinical medicine, patient education materials, health literacy education.

  • Medical and Health Research & Writing (Clinical) - Military and Veterans Health ( Additional health topics when requested.)

  • Patient Health Research & Writing - Military and Veterans Health (Additional health topics when requested.)

  • Systematic Reviews (Private & Federal Government contracting)

  • Curriculum Design (Health Information Literacy)

  • Grant Writing (Medical/Science)


Military Health Matters, LLC. (Online/So. Florida)

The Military Health Matters web resource was designed to help educate and maintain public awareness of the unique medical and health challenges many of our service members and veterans face on a daily basis and will continue to face for many years to come. It also offered healthcare providers with a free source of credible and current patient health information resources as well as basic clinical research information. (2008 to 2017*)


Small business owners; independent contractors; medical writers and grant writers; service members, veterans; service member and veterans families; information literacy colleagues; representatives from the military and federal government; non-profit organizations; health professionals and scientists serving or supporting service members and veterans (both civilian and military); communities with an interest in providing military and veterans' health support.


There is an abundance of health information is available on the web. But in many cases, people know it’s there but they’re not sure how to find it or if they do find it, can they trust what they find?

During the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan more and more service members were returning home with a wide-range of injuries, many quite serious. Too often, these service members and their loved ones were just unable to find the kind of information they needed to help them to understand their injuries or conditions and for their loved ones, it was extremely frustrating, they felt helpless and were frankly overwhelmed.

At the same time, a lot of good (credible) information was beginning to be published on the web by reputable private organizations, the Veterans Administration (VA) and the DoD (Department of Defense). With an increasing number of patients to care for, healthcare providers were as helpful as they could regarding patient health information resources. Given their patient caseloads, they were usually unable  to spend additional time that would be needed to also focus on patient education.

Military Health Matters, LLC. also provided a full range of clinical medicine and consumer health information retrieval - systematic reviews of the literature, data extraction, content (writing, editing, proofreading), health information literacy curriculum design, CME, and graphics (paid services).

*When contacted, patient health Information is provided (free for Service Members, Veterans, their family members). Other clinical medicine or health information literacy curriculum (as listed above) can be provided (Paid services).

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Military & Veterans Health Information


 Website Design, Maintenance & Content

  • Complete website design, administration and maintenance (Squarespace)

  • Content selection, aggregation, and curation.

  • Content writing and editing.

  • Graphics, icon sets.

Prior versions of the website were self-hosted on the Concrete5 and WordPress platforms. 

Conferences &  Presentations

2nd Annual Military Health Support Systems Conference, April 21-23, 2010

Roles: Briefing Presenter: Resilience-Mitigating the Threat of Mental Illness, Current & Future Research. (Clinical CEs Credits).

Group Discussion Leader, Session: Military & Veterans Health Information Literacy. 

Publications, Writing, and Related

Estrada KL. When Blast-Related Injuries Hit Close to Home. Brain Injury Journey Lash & Associates; Fall 2013;(4): 6-7.

Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D and Barbara Albers Hill (2013). Contributor: provided military blast-injury information and resources.

Additional Writing - numerous 'guest' pieces for a wide-variety of military and veterans-related websites/blogs (private organizations, Veterans Administration).



Military & Veterans Health Information

View sample of publications/slide decks.

Karen Estrada