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Additional Projects

~ Advancement Virtual [AV]

Virtual Assistance Services/Consulting.

  • Website design using Squarespace

  • Template customization (Coding)

  • Branding /Logo

  • Social Media integration

  • Style Guide

(Consultant retired)

~ The Ranteria

Political and current events satirical website.

  • Website design - original design on WordPress)

  • Website - later moved to Tumblr

  • Branding/Logos

  • Graphics (Cartoons, sketches)

~ Patum's Bar

Bar and Jazz Club (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

  • Designed on WordPress

  • Theme - customization (CSS & HTML)

  • Plugin installations

  • Email and social media integration

  • Style Guide

(No longer in business)


Association of Independent Information Professionals (Non-profit, professional organization)

  • Website content inventory and audit

  • Information architecture work

Karen Estrada