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Rum Cake Factory


  • Bakery Management Database/App

  • Website Design (Squarespace)

  • Custom Coding/Template

  • Style Guide

  • Content & Graphics

  • Branding/Logo

Rum Cake Factory Enterprises, LLC. (Miami, FL) is an artisan Rum Cake wholesale Bakery which my husband and I own. I have baked Rum Cakes over 25+ years for family occasions and get-togethers with friends but we never considered selling my Rum Cakes.   

Not only do we sell the “original recipe” with chopped walnut topping, but I have 'concocted' several new Rum Cake recipes which have really become popular! You can check them out on our website - where you’ll find really yummy photos of our cakes.

Project No. 1

Website Design, branding, logo for an artisan rum cake bakery.

Website Design (Squarespace) on the Squarespace platform. Custom Coding/Template; Style Guide. Graphics and Content; Branding/Logo. Template: Jones (York family).

Project No. 2

Development - Bakery Management Database/App


Ordering, supply purchases, keeping track of inventory, and recipes were originally on a set of Numbers (Apple) spreadsheets, but early on I moved this information to Airtable.

I had designed a Form (Airtable ) to enter new customer orders but we were also using QuickBooks and at some point, I realized it didn’t make sense to have our customer accounts in two separate databases/apps.

I began checking  with other business owners that had businesses similar to ours to see what apps or services were available for bakery administration, family-owned restaurant management, and similar food and beverage establishments.

I also combed through hundreds of message board posts. Whether on the boards or from conversations I was having with other owners, I'd see or hear the same thing continually -- that at least for businesses (food/beverage) our size - there were not many choices for us.  

I researched and compiled a substantial list with a good number of databases/apps, hosted, self-hosted, SaaS, but they were either more than we needed and/or too expensive often with rigid pricing structures, and in most cases while some were 'free', they had features we did need but were unavailable on 'freemium' plans.   

Please note: *There are many really good apps and services out there, so this isn't about judgement or criticism ... for the most part I believe their prices are quite fair. However, anyone who owns a business knows it ultimately comes down to our 'bottom lines'.  

Ultimately it became quite clear that our bakery business was in a niche of  small businesses and business owners that didn't easily fit into existing services or apps already available on the market.  Something I call the "Goldilocks" phenomenon.


This is why I decided to apply the experience I already did have and develop/design our own database app!

I'm tweaking this app a bit to make it available for others to purchase! (Screenshots are on the way.)

If you’re interested in more details now, you can contact me here (just use the little button below —> :)

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I knew exactly what I needed to have in my dB App:

  • Specific ‘modules’ (tables): Daily Baking Totals, Daily Supply Use, Purchases, Vendors, Recipes, Baking Supplies (Ingredients, Non-Ingredient Supplies, and a handy UOM (Unit of Measure) table.

  • Forms that were very easy to enter data into

  • Equally iOS and OS friendly and cloud availability if possible.

  • Scalability

  • Integration with other applications (API)

  • Reliability/Stability

  • Affordable

In use now for over two years, my Bakery dB/App has proven to be very easy to use (intuitive) and maintain, and very reliable with great scalability. It has met and exceeded my original requirements. Over time, I have developed two iterations of this app (with same or similar features), using two different platforms. Both are excellent platforms, but it is simply a matter of platform features and functions preferences.  

An added benefit has been learning JavaScript which I'm able to add to my 'development' and design toolbox. 

I've also been working on an app for (Squarespace) Website Designers  (2 versions: Client Management and for DIYers).  Whether you're working on one project or many projects, this app is really helpful for keeping all your project details in order! It can also be used for any website development and design projects (with a few customizations), not only Squarespace.

These are some of the dB apps that are currently in development or that are in the pipeline for development.

  • Squarespace DIY Design App

  • Squarespace Template Switcher App

  • Squarespace Client Management App

  • Squarespace Design App

**as of 11 July, I'm working to incorporate version Squarespace version 7.1 features in the existing design apps where possible or will be developing an app exclusively for version 7.1!

  • Graphic Design Projects app.

  • Custom-designed (small) apps.

 [Learn more about these dB apps + Link to ISD/Services - dB/APPS]

<Screenshots - coming soon!>


Karen Estrada