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Resources, Workflows, and Tools

My husband and I own an artisan rum cake bakery (Rum Cake Factory) in addition to my work in web design, graphics, and ‘little’ dB app design.

For many years I was a professional medical librarian and have a lot of technical experience. In addition, I spent many years as a freelance medical writer (military/veterans health), Knowledge Management project manager, health information literacy educator, and even wrote a few grants here and there.

Over time, I began developing my own tools and strategies - in order to make my life and work much easier and to keep myself off the hamster wheel!

I’ve used, tweaked, ‘torn apart’ and rebuilt some of them until they were as I needed them to be. Not too much … not too little.

They’ve have helped me immensely to stay organized and keep better track of a variety of projects and project assets. Numbers, figures, designs, colors, recipe ingredients, inventory, purchases, documents, appliances, and much more.

My story is many people’s story. People who started out in one career or one profession and ended up going in a totally different (or somewhat different) direction (or several directions).

We’re all insanely busy, multi-tasking too many things! And all that means is

… we’re not being as successful and fulfilled as we could (and should) be!

So who else can benefit from these tools? Many people … in fact almost everybody!


Web Designers, App Developers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, and many other creatives.

Not only creatives though, but also for small business owners. For example, family-owned eateries, coffee bars, and bakeries.

But that’s not all, there’s more!!

(Gee, sounds like an infomercial! ) …

These tools and resources are great for families, home inventories, record-keeping, writers, collectors, documents, forms, and the possibilities are just about endless!


There’s a joke among our friends and family, anything that enters our home … (including people :-) gets barcoded and entered into my Bakery Administration app! Yes, I do realize that’s taking it a bit too far but I can’t help it, it’s FUN!

My Resource Tools come in several versions, including paper (forms), desktop, and web-based database apps and I’m really excited to be able to share these with you!

They are useful for people who need a specific set of productivity and organization tools that can be as general or as specific and detailed as needed!

I absolutely believe the tools and resources I’ve designed will help make you better organized, more productive, and less stressed out!

Very soon I’ll be adding screenshots of the apps and forms here on the website they’re almost finished.


Juggling is not fun!


It’s time to keep everything well-organized and (yes) have fun doing it too!

Do you want (& need) your very own, customized set of templates and tools?

Contact me, let’s talk!

More details will be coming soon.